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    臺中市政府商業登記資訊系統-縣(市)商業登記家數與資本額統計表 鄉鎮別,A農林漁牧業,B礦業及土石採取業,C製造業,D電力及燃氣供應業 E用水供應及污染整治業,F營造業,G批發及零售業,H運輸及倉儲業 I住宿及餐飲業,J資訊及通訊傳播業,K金融及保險業,L不動產業 M專業、科學及技術服務業,N支援服務業,O公共行政及國防;強制性社會安全...

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    Taichung City Government Business Registration Information System - County (City) Business Registers and Capital Statistics Township and township, A agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry, B mining and earth and stone industry, C manufactu...