How open data is used:

Civil IoT Taiwan visualize the latest information of air quality, earthquake, water resources and disaster prevention in Taiwan.

Quick facts:

  • Company: Ministry of Science and Technology, Civil IoT Taiwan
  • Sector: Environment
  • Product/Service: Platform
  • Tag: #Air Quality; #Earthquake; #Water resources; #Disaster prevention; #Taiwan
  • Origin: Taiwan  


Civil IoT Taiwan provides latest open data of air quality, earthquake, water resources, and disaster prevention in Taiwan. Its services include (1) real-time and historial Civil IoT sensing data by OGC SensorThings API, (2) data visualization and search service, and (3) huge storage and computing power for simulation analysis and AI applications.


Civil IoT Taiwan provides the following benefits to the general public: (1) Preventing losses by reducing earthquake early warning time, (2) Establishing IoT-based intelligent environment monitoring system, (3) Comprehending the supply and demand of water resources and providing high-quality water-consumption environment for the general public, and (4) Facilitating the acquisition of disaster prevention information and driving the development of risk-reduction industry emergency data exchange standard.