How open data is used:

This website compiled materials from publicly available documentation. The published news extract summaries from their sources, which are guided by fair-use principles and are copyrighted by their respective sources.

Quick facts:

  • Company: Open Development Thailand
  • Sector: Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry and Food; Environment; Population and Society; Economy and Finance; Government and Public Sector; Health
  • Product/Service: Website
  • Tag: #Pandemics; #Forests and forestry; #Forest policy and administration; #Environment and natural resources; #Special economic zones; #Land
  • Origin: Thailand  


Open Development Thailand is one of the five websites launched by the Open Development Mekong. The websites compile news summaries and public announcements related agriculture and fishing, aid and development, disasters and emergency response, economy and commerce, energy, environment and natural resources, etc. It also serves as a datahub that provides datasets, library records, laws, profiles, and maps.


The website aims to make data and objective information accessible and useful to civil society, private sector, government, academic, and marginalized communities for supporting their research, analysis, and decision-making. This work is expected to support crowdsourcing data and facilitate multi-sectoral and transborder views.