How open data is used:

By visualizing the allocation of the government budget in a national map, the citizens can easily check and read where and how the budget is being spent. It increases the transperancy of the government finance and the participation of public governance, and decreases the possibility of corruption.

Quick facts:

  • Company: ActAi
  • Sector: Government and public sector
  • Product/Service: Website
  • Tag: #Covid-19 #budget #open government data #anticorruption #finance
  • Origin: Thailand  


The government has prepared an economic and social rehabilitation plan to counter impact of the Covid-19. Royal Decree Loan of 1 trillion baht (Round 1) allow various government agencies to submit a project proposal within the limit of 400 billion baht, stating that there will be a process of reviewing and analyzing project data. It is screened by sub-committees and experts. However, in order to promote the participation of the public sector as taxpayers, to follow and check transparency of the budget, to reduce the problem of corruption and efficiency in maximizing budget, the Anti-Corruption Organization (Thailand) has received support from Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council and brought such information to display in the form of Data Visualization.


All the citizens now can access and understand spatial and target information more easily and conveniently with a summary of important preliminary information.