To improve the cooperation and explore potential opportunities of data economy, Asia Open Data Partnership was initiated by 4 Asian countries (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand) in 2015. Today, AODP has 19 partners from 11 economies in Asia. was established in accordance with the resolution of AODP. By offering one-stop data access services, aims at facilitating and providing advanced features for cross-border open data access to ensure the exploration, exploitation, and re-usability of open data across Asian countries. harvests metadata from the publication of open datasets in national, regional, and local portals across Asian countries and Asian institutions, especially AODP members. The Portal also collect and publish use cases of using open data and activities related to open data across Asia. CKAN is adopted as the solution for


By harvesting metadata across Asian countries, the strategic objective of is to foster the accessibility as well as maximize reusability to public sector information across Asian countries. By so doing, the portal may increase the awareness, reuse, and impacts of open data in international or cross-border issues.

Portals can be national, regional, local or domain specific. We connect portals in the AODP and other non-AODP countries in Asia.

Discover how to use the portal harvests the metadata of public data made available across Asia. The metadata contains the information made available with the data set by the initial publisher. We offer different and multiple ways for users to access data set they need instantly. Such as by countries, data format and themes. Please be noted that the open data provided by is published by public administrations of various Asia economies or on their behalf. The data catalogues of origin may contain datasets with errors, and dataset may have different licenses or absence of license. Users have any query with the dataset, please check with the owners/publishers of the data directly.