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GliaCloud is a VC backed startup dedicated to empowering people to easily turn their stories into engaging videos with AI. Founded in 2015, GliaCloud has successfully won several international awards namely ChinaBang Award in 2018 and Tech in Asia Singapore Special Award 2016. Its AI made videos have proudly helped clients to generate over 1 billion views worldwide with a daily capacity of 20,000.

This is a data visualization demonstration website for open data. All the visualization cases are provided by the team which is composed of professors and students from National Chi Nan University, National Central University, and National Chiayi University. We demonstrate and analyze data of our interested issues by visualization. For instance, tourism and environmental situations in AODP members and the outbound/inbound tourism in several Asian countries. Also, key issues of Nantou county are studied.


We used to work at the same internship. Now we are each spending time at different IT companies and PhD programs, but we teamed up to develop an app that would be useful in the Corona situation. It solves the challenges of injured people with bad legs and feet, mothers raising children, elderly people who have trouble traveling far, and those who refrain from going out with COVID-19. The service is offline and integrated with traditional channels such as the telephone, so that even grandmothers in the co...

The PTX platform cooperates with public transport platforms and systems maintained by various agencies to provide open data services of public transport. The platform cleans the collected data and transform it into standardized datasets with 4-star open data quality.

The World Bank Open Data website collects and share open datasets as well as data of sampled survey. Besides, it produces statistical indicators about world development based on officially-recognized international sources. The website also provides analysis and visualization tool that contains collections of time series data on a variety of topics. Users can create their own queries; generate tables, charts, and maps; and easily save, embed, and share them.

The Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) is an CKAN-based open platform for sharing data across crises and organizations. The platform collects and share information about (1) the context in which a humanitarian crisis is occurring (e.g., baseline/development data, damage assessments, geospatial data), (2) the people affected by the crisis and their needs, and (3) about the response by organizations and people seeking to help those who need assistance. It has published over 19,000 datasets collected from nea...

This website is a project of the Global Change Data Lab, a registered charity in England and Wales. It publishes research and data that address the largest global problems and powerful changes reshaping our world. 3620 charts across 297 topics have been published on the website. Visualizations and texts are licensed under CC BY, and the data is available for download. The website also develops its own data visualization and database tool: The Our World in Data-Grapher, which is completely open sourced an...

This platform is intended to be used by Government of India Ministries/Departments to publish datasets, documents, services, tools and applications. It allows for searching datasets based on catalog, sectors, and keywords. Datasets can be download manually or automatically through APIs. The platform also provides analytics, visualization gallery, Apps gallery, and indicator dashboard that make use of open data of India.

Open Development Thailand is one of the five websites launched by the Open Development Mekong. The websites compile news summaries and public announcements related agriculture and fishing, aid and development, disasters and emergency response, economy and commerce, energy, environment and natural resources, etc. It also serves as a datahub that provides datasets, library records, laws, profiles, and maps.

This article discusses COVID-19 and the response of South Korea to COVID-19.

Livestock history inquiry is a mobile app that allows you to view the live meridian prices of Korean beef, beef cattle, and pork, and to check the history of livestock products and ratings.

Smartphone Application

Petnow is a mobile app that collects to register and recognize the dogs inscription (nose) for the purpose of preventing and finding missing dogs.

Smart Environment is a website that is the representative asbestos demolition and survey brokerage platform in Korea that provides bidding information such as asbestos dismantling, demolition, and comparative estimates.


DeepBid provides not only bidding information and prior specifications, ticket information, bid information, contract information, but also industry-specific information, company information, competitor analysis, institution information, demand institution analysis, inspection, non-bid information, ranking information, especially for companies Analysis and institutional analysis service is a website composed of core functions in decision-making as multi-level analysis is possible by applying data mining ...

Sarangbang Real Estate is an apartment. This is a website that provides information on real transaction prices by sale, charter and monthly rent for sale of officetels, studios, villas, and houses.

Caring is a website that links nursing care providers to patients who want care based on information about nursing homes and nursing homes nationwide.

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Goddess Ticket is a mobile app that helps dermatological treatment and price information by helping dermatologists.

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Technologist Forest is a mobile app that helps job seekers and job seekers in technology jobs based on job search information.

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Coaido 119 is an application that can call 119 while access to people who own medical license or have learned aid course.


Based on the data of traffic accidents in the past, Code for Saga make traffic accident forecast in the form of weather forecast.

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This application integrates all the sightseeing information of the 7 cities along Takahashi River. Voice search and navigation function are contained.

On this website for real estate agency, search by the district of school district is possible.


JAG Japan provides a very clear map of COVID19 infected patients in Japan. This map contains four pictures: cases in different cities, the result of a investigation by company LINE and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, restaurants with takeout or delivery services, and clinics that is able to do online treatment.

This platform collects alerting open data from central and local government agencies as well as public service businesses. The categories of alerting information include but not limit to weather, disasters, diseases, service outages, shortages of public goods, etc. The platform provides five ways for consuming datasets, such as web-based online queries, API-based M2M data exchanges, JSON file downloads, Javascript-based web components for displaying alerts, and ATOM feed.


Civil IoT Taiwan provides latest open data of air quality, earthquake, water resources, and disaster prevention in Taiwan. Its services include (1) real-time and historial Civil IoT sensing data by OGC SensorThings API, (2) data visualization and search service, and (3) huge storage and computing power for simulation analysis and AI applications.