There are two types of membership in dataportal.asia: personal user & business user. The following lists the FAQs about the membership.


1. What's the benefit of becoming a personal user or a business user?

As a personal user, you can look up metadata of open datasets harvested from Asian data providers in a number of flexible ways. Besides, you can learn how to reuse open data by observing the use cases and visualization works shared by others. 

As a business user, you can enjoy all the benefits that dataportal.asia offers to personal users. In addition, you can apply premium features for the (1) catalogue publishing service, (2) use case sharing service, and (3) Web API sharing service and manage them by yourself. 


2. The comparison of website features between personal user and business user.




Membership Type






Dataset search

In-site search

Browse dataset 

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Browse by catalogues

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Filter by economies

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Ordering dataset results

Order by popularity

Order by relevance

Order by name ascending

Order by name descending 

Order by last modified

Dataset analytics

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Activity stream


In-site visualization


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3. How can I become a member of dataportal.asia?

As a personal user, you can freely use the permitted website features without registering as a member of dataportal.asia.

As a business user, you need to finish the following steps in order to obtain the authority of publishing a Data/Web API catalogue.

  1. You need to fill the submission form for applying for the data catalogueWeb API catalogue, or use case publishing services. After validating your application form, the web master of dataportal.asia will create a catalogue and notify you to proceed to the next step.
  2. You need to register as a member of dataportal.asia. Then, the web master of dataportal.asia will assign the registered account as manager of the catalogue created in the last step.
  3. You can use the registered account to login into dataportal.asia and take over the tasks of managing the catalogue, such as publishing metadata of datasets, recruiting members for the catalogue to view your private datasets.