How open data is used:

This app is developed using ReactNative, so it can be used on both iOS and Android. It also uses the HERE API to enable more advanced routing and traffic-based directions. The matching algorithm is well thought out. Since we use Firebase, we have a full range of authentication features.

Quick facts:

  • Company: Smart Delivery
  • Sector: Science and technology
  • Product/Service: Application
  • Tag: #COVID-19 #Food and Medicine Logistics
  • Origin: Japan  


We used to work at the same internship. Now we are each spending time at different IT companies and PhD programs, but we teamed up to develop an app that would be useful in the Corona situation. It solves the challenges of injured people with bad legs and feet, mothers raising children, elderly people who have trouble traveling far, and those who refrain from going out with COVID-19. The service is offline and integrated with traditional channels such as the telephone, so that even grandmothers in the countryside who don't have a smartphone can use it. We hope to use the point function, like a local currency, to help create local communities as well.


Not only does it help combat COVID-19 infections, but it also innovates when it comes to community revitalization and facilitates the integration of offline and online.