تقرير التفتيش السنوي للمرافق والأنشطة التفتيشية
[MT] The annual inspection report of facilities and inspection activities

"تقوم ""الهيئة الاتحادية للرقابة النووية"" (الهيئة) بعمليات تفتيش بموجب مسؤوليتها عن الإشراف على الأمان النووي والأمان الإشعاعي والضمانات وأمن المصادر المشعة واستمرارية الإشراف الرقابي على الأنشطة التي يُستخدم فيها الإشعاع المؤين. وتتلخص الأهداف الرئيسية لبرنامج الهيئة السنوي للتفتيش في تقييم وفحص التزام المرخص لهم بالمتطلبات المحلية والدولية ومن ثم ضمان توفر الأمان النووي والأمان الإشعاعي للجمهور وضمان أمن المصادر. "

[MT] "The Federal Organization for Nuclear Supervision" "(Commission) with inspections under its responsibility for supervision of nuclear safety, radiotherapy, guarantees and security of radioactive sources and continuity of oversight on activities whe...

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calculation methodology "A typical FANR inspection includes the direct observation of work activities at a licensed facility, interviews with workers and the responsible person, and verification of the licensed inventory and independent measurements relating to radiation output, safety and protection. The inspection team will note any safety, protection and security issues relating to regulated material and associated equipment. FANR’s inspection team may also assess the extent to which FANR’s requirements are being met by the licensee's contractors. Where necessary, the team will verify the quality and suitability of vendor products and evaluate the safety, security and safeguards attributes’ of the licensee-vendor interface. The licensee’s records and other documentation relating to regulated activities involving regulated materials are reviewed, and where appropriate, compared with the licensee’s documentation maintained at FANR’s Headquarters. A FANR inspection at a licensed facility always begins and ends with a meeting involving both the inspection team and the licensee's representatives. Transparency is the key purpose of these meetings, and provides both parties with the opportunity to understand the current circumstances relating to the inspection and the potential findings. The preparation, conduct and outcome of each FANR inspection are formally reported in accordance with FANR’s procedures. Each inspection observation or finding is separately identified and described in terms of risk or hazard and the extent of non-compliance with specified regulatory requirements. The final report as agreed by FANR’s senior management will include corrective actions required with timescales and enforcement actions to be taken by FANR, where applicable. The FANR inspection report is shared with the licensee and in most cases will be made available on the FANR website."